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October 13, 2008

Ocean Sky

Filed under: Week One — cabenelson @ 5:07 pm

In my mind the true form of photography is done in a dark room with black and white film. Shooting in black and white forces your mind to see exactly what the photo will look like even before you press the capture button on your camera. It brings on a changed perspective and allows you to see things differently. I love this photo and interestingly enough, this is not black and white. This picture was taken in color and wasn’t goofed around with in Photoshop.

What is it? It’s a straight downward view of the ocean receding from a dark sand beach. I was about 200 feet above the ocean looking down from a bluff. I watched the ocean suck back from the beach and saw the striking difference in contrasts. It was only there for a split second, so I waited and snapped as many photos as possible. (Again, my statistics rule.) Luckily, I got it.

As you’re taking photos try imagining before you snap away what the photo would look like from a different angle. Up, down, off center etc. Oh FYI, I usually always try avoiding placing my main subject directly in the middle of the frame. Most of the time it creates a flat uninspiring photo- most importantly, view in your mind what that photo will look like from a completely different angle. Simple advice, but if I was staring at the horizion I would have missed this shot entirley. Sharpen that mind’s eye!


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