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October 22, 2008

The rule of 3

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I don’t think there’s anything better than a close up shot of an old car in black and white. We’ve all seen pictures like these before (I know I have) and I would think that by this time I would be completely sick of them or consider them un-cool because of how cliché it has become. (A problem of mine my wife can attest to.)
However, I still can’t shake the look of an old rusted out car in black and white. I think there is just something timeless or striking about it, especially when it’s done right. And for some reason I’ve loved photos of colored tractors. (This was nailed perfectly here by my very talented friend Stacy.)
And who’s to say that a photo can only be one picture? When I’m trolling through my photo library trying to decide what to post here, I run across pictures that were taken in a set and I can’t separate them from each other because in my mind, it is those 3 or 4 pictures that really belong. You might have one photo stronger than another but they belong together in the set and it just can’t be broken apart.
My tip for today is that when you find a cool subject to take a picture of, try focusing in on 2 or 3 different smaller things of the same subject. If you see a flower, take a picture of the flower’s center with a few of the petals on the left or right side. If you are taking pictures of someone, snap a few shots of just the left side of their face and focus in on their eye. It sounds weird but as you approach your subject think in your head, “How can I take 2-3 different photos from just this one subject?” and when viewing it, pick apart areas of the subject that would be cool in a standalone image.

If I were to take a single photo of the ENTIRE car and not piece it apart, the photo would have felt flat. Finding 2-3 or more photos in a single subject forces you to find cool new photo ideas in ways you wouldn’t normally think of.
This car was parked on a side street just a few blocks from our home and I’ve never noticed it before. One of the greatest things that come with photography is a different perspective with how you view things. When you grab your camera and go on a walk just to take pictures, something amazing happens. You begin to view things with a different perspective, even if it’s the same street you’ve been down 300 times. You notice certain things. Like how at dusk, the sun pours through the trees and creates fun shadows on the street. Or how your neighbor’s overgrown vines are creeping up and wrapping around a nearby tree. Or how you’ll walk by and spot something so perfect for a photo, you wonder why you’ve never seen it before. This is why I love Photography. It simply provides you with a different vantage point. And sometimes, the best thing we can do is to view things in a different perspective.


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  1. “How true that is…”

    Because the only thing I saw was a bunch of spider webs. 🙂 It’s a good thing you had the camera that day.

    Comment by Kimba — October 22, 2008 @ 11:43 am

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