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October 30, 2008

Halloween Eve

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To me, this photo just screams Halloween. I took this last year when Kim and I stayed up for the moon’s super rare lunar eclipse. It really was spectacular and I’m grateful I stayed up to view it. The funny part was  that it really wasn’t an eclipse, it turned the moon dark orangeish/red and it lasted for 30 mins. I’m telling you, I thought the world was gonna end… no joke. It really was something that I had never seen before and truly was “once in a lifetime”.

The trick in capturing this crazy event was to bring out the true colors of the moon without over exposing the picture or making the moon OR the surrounding stars blurry. It had to be a perfect combination of what I consider to be the four most important photography components. F-Stop, Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO Speed. For this photo I had to let in enough light to define the stars and the face of the moon as well as capture the color. This came into play with setting the aperture (the amount of light the camera brings in) at a 5 max and the shutter speed for 3.5 seconds. Having the shutter speed open for that long allows the photo details to be burned in. I tested it at 5 seconds and so on but the moon and stars would show up too blurry. It took about 7 shots to dial it down before I knew I couldn’t get it any more colorful without ruining it. If you have a camera that has manual settings and you’re shooting in automatic, IT’S TIME TO CHANGE. I had a good friend LUCKY RED HEN(she’s really amazing) poke fun at me last year when she found out I wasn’t getting outside of my comfort zone and steering away from the automatic mode on my Nikon D80. After that, I was determined to shoot only in manual (no matter how daunting) until I figured it out. It took some tweaking and lots of photos (Kim can vouch for that) until I started feeling comfortable with it. It really is worth it… I’ll post more later on how I weaned myself off the lazy man’s way of photography and started “shootin’ for reals”. Again, I don’t claim to know everything about photography, and when it comes to talking about specs I’m not a details guy. I’ll talk about how “it feels” or the “mood”, sissy stuff like that. You’ll notice that in reading this PLOG more. I like dealing with the ideas of things or how good it feels etc. I really do love my hobby.


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  1. I LOVE THIS PHOTO! It makes me want to howl or something.

    Comment by Brian — October 31, 2008 @ 4:11 pm

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