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November 5, 2008

So much for the city

Filed under: Week Four — cabenelson @ 10:53 pm

Kim and I took this photo when we were visiting Hawaii last April with her family. We had decided to stay a few extra days by ourselves because it overlapped with our 3rd year wedding anniversary. We did absolutely NOTHING… and it was fantastic. Kim and I were sitting on beach chairs and were just watching the clouds. I saw this guy walking into view and realized that this would be a good opportunity. The main subject would yes, be the man walking with complete profile shot, but equally shared by the powerful image of the clouds. Although the sand and the water play a part of it it’s small in comparison. I waited until the man was square in my view with the clouds and was in full stride. To be honest, after taking the photo and immediately reviewing it, I really didn’t like how the image turned out…


In the “before shot” when it was originally captured it really needed some adjusting. I wanted the man and the boy on the right to be completely silhouetted. It seemed if you could see details of their face/clothes it would distract from the rest of the image. What I did was use the burn tool to black out the man and the child. The picture turned out to be high contrast and it needed to be. I created more contrast with the cloud, again by using the dodge and burn tools.

And as a side note… I usually work on my photos while listening to music. I also crank up my iPod when I’m reading a book or trying to concentrate. I’m the kind of guy that needs to be listening to music all the time, most of the time it’s just white noise. When it’s with photography, it really helps me create the mood I’m looking for. For this photo it’s The Thrills- Big Sur. This song IS summer. I’ll be listening to it for the next 5 months- ENJOY



  1. mmmmmmm……sun…….

    Comment by Brian — November 6, 2008 @ 12:58 pm

  2. Doing nothing was fabulous. Sigh…

    Comment by Kimba — November 6, 2008 @ 4:09 pm

  3. So, when is the challenge. I’m ready for it…

    Comment by Stacy — November 6, 2008 @ 7:27 pm

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