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January 19, 2009


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This weeks challenge was all about capturing movement in photography. The options were endless, blurry, lines for your eyes to follow, etc. It was all about creating a certain sense of movement. This week’s results is (like always) outstanding. Everyone that rose to the challenge killed it!

Our first photo this challenge comes from Rob at Dusty Lens at Dusty Lens – North Metro. Again, I love Rob’s eye for photography.

Rob says, “A male house finch feeding it’s young. I captured this one while sitting on our deck one afternoon. The birds returned to the feeding station after a summer rain. i had never seen a male feed it’s young seeds in this way. The youngster must really enjoy the seed I put in the feeder.”
I just love the stationary bird’s colors. So sharp and bold, wonderful shot.

Our next photo comes from our newest participant Carlos at Still Format. Still Format has become one of my favorite sites recently. If you love photography check it out.
Musician on the go
This is just a beautiful and unique shot. Perfect amount of movement with the right amount of sharpness. The color and tones are perfect for the image. Great shot Carlos!

Our next Photo comes from my good friend (or I’d like to think so) Sheila at
Moving Past
Sheila says, I agree that everything needn’t be crisp and sharp to be interesting. At first when I took this I was disappointed in the blur. I thought the photo was ruined. Now I think that’s the most interesting part of the photo. Taken by me leaning out the cab’s window in Bali.
I love these “out of window” shots of real life. Great photo Sheila.

Our next photo comes from Kathleen Who’s most recent post on new beginnings is just beautiful.
Kathleen told me that this was the perfect challenge for her. It’s perfect for me too Kat, half of my pictures come out blurry! I love this and my wife (I’m sure) would love your little Sophie! I love this shot, she seems like a sweetheart.

Our next two photos come from Stacy. Who captures movement perfectly in these two shots.


Stacy says, “Attached are some photos of some motion. My shots are very typical in what you will see when it comes to motion shots. My professor last semester had us do a stop motion and a blur motion photo. I didn’t use these photos, but the ones I did use are on my blog. I took these in October. The weather here was perfect. Nick’s parents were in town and we took them to the Union Station and to the WWI Museum. I took these pictures at the museum. They aren’t very chaotic. Which is why I like them. I just think that these pictures remind me of the time when his parents came and it really was one of the best times that I’ve had. They are really great people and encourage me a LOT with my photography.
You nailed it Stacy. Movement photography doesn’t have to be about blurry photos all the time. It’s all about movement with the eyes and creating that through lines. Great shots.

This photo comes from Gail at From The Back Deck.
Gail says, “I’m trying to get out and actually take pictures for the challenge instead of relying upon anything in my bank. These challenges force me to pick up my camera and think. Even though the outcomes may not be stellar at least I am present ….Nothing fancy. She’s just my dog. She loves to run.”
I’m so happy Gail, that is what these challenges are all about! Showcasing your work, yes, but more so for an excuse to use pick up your camera and learn something new. We should get our dogs together and your dog can get some energy out of Bear! Love the pic Gail.

Our next photo comes from Terry at Not Quite Country Girl
Terry says, “This is from the Little 500 bicycle race at Indiana University this past
April. That is my son getting ready to get on the bike as his teammate is
getting off during an exchange. My son Kamaron as well as the crowd is in
(decent, but not perfect!) focus while the rest of the bicyclers are moving

I do love the fast paced action captured by your photography in the bike race and the sharpness of the crowd. Great composition!

Next is Lisa at This week Lisa submitted an awesome photo taken by her husband Will.
Will this is the first time I’ve seen your work and it’s awesome.
Seal Beach
It’s hard for me to describe why I love some of these blurry/motion orriented photos so much. They just seem more real to me or like they’re buzzing. I love the graininess in the shot too. It adds to the color/lighting. Great photo Will, thanks for the submission Lisa!

Next is from from my cousin in-law Joanna THIS IS LIKE A BIG FAMILY REUNION! I’m so happy that Jo decided to participate.
She sent this over to me with an email titled “You Want Blurry!?” It cracked me up. This is an indoor controlled wave at a place in Ogden UT where you can indoor surf on a continual wave for an hour. I should know, I was there! I love this photo Jo. It really is just perfect for this challenge! It has a wonderful amount of moment to it. I hope we can see more of your photos on here Jo!

This photo comes to us by way of Trish
linda grace fireworks
I love this image! The sparkler is the attention grabber but it’s the burst of color from the door to the right that really caught my eye. It’s good to have you back Trish. 🙂

Our next entry is from Mary Elizabeth check out her non-photography blog (still has some fantastic images) it’s hilarious!
Mary Elizabeth says, “This was my husband playing guitar hero the other day, and i just thought it was a cool picture.”
Oh… my love for GH (Guitar Hero) runs deep. How I love to play Weezer, “My Name is Jonas” in Expert mode… 🙂

“This one happened by accident! I had just gotten my new camera (back in November) and was constantly taking pictures (although, that hasn’t stopped even though I’ve had the camera for a while now) and sometimes as my husband was leaving for school, I’d pretend to be the paparazzi! this shot happened while I was continuously shooting, and I flipped the camera around. the shot actually kind of makes me dizzy if I look at it too long! :D”
Seriously, I just had a seizure. I am always mesmerized by these shots though, I can find myself staring at them for 10 minutes or so…

“This one if my favorite! This was a shot I took back in March 2008 at my friends roller disco birthday party… this is the birthday girl picking a song. I love that her face is in focus but everything else is crazy! love love LOVE this shot!!”
This is my favorite as well. The chaotic look with uber bright (that’s right I just said uber) colors make it electric. I love this!

Our final photo comes from my old buddy Danny. Who has become a staple around here with these challenges!
Danny says, “I was at the Huntington Museum in Pasadena, CA over California and I played around with this screen for about 10 minutes testing out different settings, lighting, and effects. This was one of the few pictures I was able to snap with the flash before the curator came and shooed me outside for taking flash photography. I like how the light catches different layers and curves of the screen providing for very stark contrast.”
This is a very moody photo, I love it Danny. Very rich and dark but still great lighting!

Danny says, “I have always thought it was fun taking pictures of lights with a 2-3 second exposure and adding neat effects either by zooming in while the shutter is open, moving the camera as the shutter is open, or a combination thereof. This picture was particularly fun because the light source was about 500 strands of fiber-optic lights hanging from the ceiling. The naked eye was barely able to pick up much light from the strand until it reached the tip, but the camera was able to pick up light as the light traveled down the strand as well. I took this shot with about a 2.5 second exposure and did a slight zoom out. Would have turned out cleaner with a tripod, but hey, you gotta take the pictures in the moment, right?”
I played around with this same of shot last year and I love these types of images. It’s like IN YOUR FACE or something like that. I love the fact that it’s just the lights. Great shot, I can’t believe you did that without a tripod. It actually came out very smooth!

So that’s it! I encourage you to check out those who participated by clicking on their blog links.

What photos do you like?



  1. Ok, I’m up late. That means I get to be first to comment. Love the shots!!!! Wow!!! I really like the energy, especially Carlos bicycle shot, Joanna’s surfboard shot, that great bird shot with the flapping wings. Oh, then I love the energy of the music, too. Oh, no! I love them all. What fun!

    Comment by Gail — January 20, 2009 @ 1:11 am

  2. Wow! What a diverse selection of shots. They are just fun to look at! Great job, everyone.

    Comment by Terry in Indiana — January 20, 2009 @ 4:15 am

  3. I agree with Gail. I love them all! Such wonderful photography, and in so many directions too. Maybe some day I will get here. I’ll keep trying for sure.

    Comment by Kathleen — January 20, 2009 @ 9:31 am

  4. Wow-such wonderful shots!!
    Im in such awe!

    Comment by mdb-photography — January 20, 2009 @ 10:08 am

  5. Nice shots everyone. Cabe, just to try and explain a bit about the shot’s technique (panning), heres a link of my blog, where anyone can read more about it and give it a try.


    Comment by Carlos Bohorquez Nassar — January 20, 2009 @ 11:26 am

  6. I’m always in awe as to what everyone comes up with every week. The one that stuck out for me this week was Carlos’s shot. Truly everyone did such a great job and I love seeing everyone’s different points of view.

    Comment by Stacy Stevens — January 20, 2009 @ 11:56 am

  7. Stacy, Carlos is the only one who has posted on my Tinkerbell’s Photo Challenge Mister Linky (thank you Carlos). Be sure and see his picture though. It is amazing!

    Everyone, please, please, add to the pictures. I posted a picture for a friend on my blog since she does not have a blog.

    Comment by tinkerbellsmommakat — January 20, 2009 @ 5:17 pm

  8. Wow! I looooove all of the shots! Each one so interesting on its own.

    A photo need not be perfect to be interesting as Sheila has already mentioned…I agree!:0)

    I am so sorry I missed entering…maybe next time.

    Comment by Henie — January 20, 2009 @ 5:20 pm

  9. Me again…

    Does anyone have a Lensbaby? I’ve had one for 2 years and I have yet to use the darn thing:0)

    Comment by Henie — January 20, 2009 @ 5:21 pm

  10. Excellent work everyone! Thank you for the tip about panning.

    I looked into a Lensbaby last year, but bought a 70-300mm zoom instead. Have you looked at the Lensbaby flickr group?

    Comment by Rob — January 20, 2009 @ 8:40 pm

  11. Ok, I admit it. I’m really behind, off the map, not with it, don’t know a thing…What’s a lensbaby?

    Comment by Gail — January 21, 2009 @ 8:42 am

  12. Hi Gail…

    You are so funny! A Lensbaby is a particular type of lens that has selective focus…

    Comment by Henie — January 21, 2009 @ 1:00 pm

  13. Thanks, Rob! All I use is my 70-300mm zoom lens…most likely why I haven’t used my Lensbaby:)

    Comment by Henie — January 21, 2009 @ 1:02 pm

  14. Last week I did’nt send an entry myself. I love the ones from Carlos and Danny most.

    Comment by nana — January 22, 2009 @ 2:55 am

  15. i love the bicycle one from carlos and the shot of your surfing

    Comment by tyler — January 22, 2009 @ 6:00 pm

  16. thank you all, glad you enjoyed the pix.

    Comment by Carlos Bohorquez Nassar — January 22, 2009 @ 7:36 pm

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