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April 14, 2009

Stairs to Nowhere

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I snuck away last time Kim and I took some friends to Alcatraz and found this empty room. The idea that they placed yellow steps in the middle of an otherwise empty and colorless room amazed me. Also, I’m returning back to my music recommendation portion of my blog. I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a few weeks now and I thought I’d be annoying and get it stuck in your head.

The Gorillaz – Every Planet We Reach Is Dead

I’m normally not a HUGE fan the Gorillaz’s newer stuff, but this song is amazing. The monotone lyrics with the hypnotic beats create a funky song. Give it a listen-



  1. If I was on your stairs would you take a picture of me?
    Did I ever tell you the story about my when I was painting my front stairs of my house and my gay roommate came and home and said “your painting the steps huh? Adam- If I was on your stairs would you paint me?” I’m not going to lie; I was a little creeped out.
    Hey, when you gonna restart that photo challenge thing? I’m ready coach, put in.

    Comment by Adam — April 15, 2009 @ 7:20 am

  2. Yeah, Cabe!? When?! When?! Will you deny your public this way?!

    Comment by Kimba — April 15, 2009 @ 7:52 am

  3. check this sucka out. I have titled it “self Portrait”

    Don’t you just love how high my pants are pulled up, ok, just kidding. It’s an “optical illusion”; I’ll explain it to you later. But seriously, next time I take a picture I’m going to pull my pants up that high.

    Comment by Adam — April 15, 2009 @ 12:59 pm

  4. I love it. I love the pattern of the light on the floor reflected from the pattern from the windows against the gray starkness and then that one shot of hopeful color. Great shot.

    Comment by fromthebackdeck — April 17, 2009 @ 2:50 pm

  5. tyler bunnell young likes this

    Comment by t-bunnell — April 23, 2009 @ 7:22 pm

  6. hah, reminds me of a band called Stairs to Nowhere

    Comment by Beckrsa — June 23, 2009 @ 3:14 am

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