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November 10, 2008


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Last Thursday I threw out a challenge for all who wanted to join in. The challenge was issued to capture a photo showcasing composition. To be honest I didn’t think I would get anybody to participate! Or maybe my mom would feel bad for me and post a picture she copied from Google Images and claim it as her own. (Hey my mom thinks I’m cool) But this has actually been very fun! I’ve got three great photos from three amazing photographers. Let me just say how impressed I am with all of them. They truly showcase placing the subject in the proper place of the frame to work for the rest of the surroundings. So in no particular order here are the results from the photo challenge!

This one was taken by my very talented family member Stacy. I’m a sucker for black and white photographs. To me this photo stands out in two ways; texture and lines. The texture in the brick and the stone and the lines in the carvings and grout in-between the bricks. This is an excellent photo as it draws your eyes in different ways. It’s an excellent usage of composition.

I love this photo. This was taken by my one my newest friends Ginger No only does she have great photos (check out her latest pics at Balboa Park… amazing) she has fantastic taste in some indie music (Ongio Bongio! Dead Man’s Party? I mean come on!) I love this photo for a couple of reasons. I love that there really is 3 main subjects; the flowers, the fence, and the meter in the background. It’s perfect in that it takes all of those elements into a way that they all work together. This is composition-

Deer_Hunt_2008_158 Color
This was by my wonderful friend Heather. I love silhouette shots. They are some of the more simple photos when you look at them but they are extremely hard to effectively capture and to make the interesting. There are three things that I love about this photo; the increase of the hillside with the weeds, the placing of the boys with the sun, and the clouds. I love how everything flows together for a striking picture.

Thank you for all participating! I love seeing other people’s perspective on photography. I’ll post another one soon. More than anything else it’s an excuse to spend some time viewing the world differently for a while.

And finally, I give you the PHOTO OF THE WEEK!


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