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October 20, 2008


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Last year Kim and I went on what was one of my favorite drives. I don’t remember why we decided to do it other than we were fairly new to California and wanted to go explore. However, I’m sure that the whole thing was well documented by my wife. HERE
(Seriously, I love my wife. She has helped me so much with this “Don’t call it a Blog… Blog” and she’s just an amazing woman, I’m serious when I say that without her I would be living in a forest naked, with Bear of course, eating berries). Before you throw up with either the mental image of me naked or me publicly gushing over my wife, I’ll get back to the photos.

We stopped at an old Spanish cemetery and snapped a bunch of pics. I did some basic photo work on this one. I am a believer that sometimes it’s the little things in a photo that make the biggest difference.


Cemetary 3

This photo is a good example of my favorite Photoshop function, the Burn Tool. This allows you to darken 3 different shades of the picture (Highlights, Midtones, Shadows) with different amounts of intensity. If you look closely I spent about 20 minutes or so burning the lettering in the headstones to make them more pronounced and also the designs in the headstones. Focusing on bringing the little things to the viewer’s eye can genuinely make a big difference.

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