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October 24, 2008

Photoshop Deletion

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When I take photos I usually have a pretty good idea of what I want the photo to look like even before I snap the picture. I’ll visualize what I want based on composition, lighting, color, subjects etc. I usually won’t vary from the actual photo once it’s taken. Other times I really have no idea what I’m doing! In looking through the view finder of my camera, I know I will like certain parts of the shot but as for the image as a whole, it’s not what I want. I guess more than anything I search for potential every time I look through my camera. If I feel/see that the image could have potential I’ll snap away. And most of the time, if I don’t have a good idea of what I wanted to get out of the picture to begin with, ideas usually start coming to me once I open the image up in Photoshop.

With this image in particular I loved the couple walking on the beach, not holding hands or anything romantic/cheesy, just walking close together. I loved the lighting, the ocean, the red rocks behind, the greenery on top and most of all their reflection. I loved the composition of the shot and the fact that both of them were wearing a similar orange. But as it is right now, it wasn’t an image I 100% loved. One big feel I wanted to come across with this photo was a feeling of solitude. Just two people and a large beach. However, with over half a dozen people in the shot (as well as their beach crap) it was going to be impossible to come across with that feeling of solitude. Parts of me felt like walking up to each of the people in the shot and ask them, “Could you please move? Yes. Who am I? Well, I’m a part-time amateur photographer who will use this photo for no reason other than to post this on my extremely small don’t call it a blog- blog. Now please move your crap, you’re in my shot!” and then I’d shout, “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?”

Instead I use a series of fairly easy techniques in Photoshop to remove anything undesired and to come across with the feeling I want to. After my usual touch-ups (Brightness/contrast, levels, color variations, saturation etc) I zoom in on the people/objects I want to “delete” from this photo. I select the “Rubber Stamp” tool and change my brush size to match. It’s imperative that if you do this you need to select a stamp that is faded on around it so that it feathers out the image and doesn’t look so blatantly photoshoped. Hold down the Alt button and click with your mouse on the area you want the deleted space to be filled with. Think of it more as in taking a section of the picture close by and simply covering up the undesired object with it. It’s extremely simple to do; the hard part comes with blending it in so it doesn’t look fake.



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