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October 17, 2008

Fall Moon

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Winter Moon

Okay, so maybe I use Photoshop to manipulate more of my photos than I had originally thought! Going through my photo album this morning, I realized that in order to get some of the shots I wanted I absolutely had to Photoshop the image. I found a good example of an image that I could envision in my mind completely but I was unable to capture, despite my best camera trickery.

For this photo, I knew that I wanted to frame the picture with both the pine tree and the empty branches. I also wanted to capture the color (or shade) of the gray sky. It was just one of those shades that struck the mood and would have been a photo killer if I couldn’t get it right. I absolutely wanted that feel especially against the main subject in the photo, the moon. The problem was that my camera (or the photographer) wasn’t able to pick up the details in the face of the moon without over exposing the shade of gray meant to establish the tone of the photo. After over 20 shots at different settings without any success, this seemed nearly impossible to do.

I could have one…
Correct Background

Or I could have the other…
Correct Moon

At this point I pretty much knew that in order to get the picture I had envisioned, I would need to do a Photoshop swap. This is where you intentionally take the two entirely separate photos in the hopes of combining elements from both, into one super photo! I simply opened up both photos in Photoshop and moved the moon over to my photo with the correct shades of grey. This was accomplished by lassoing the moon (sounds so stupid) and creating a new layer on my background photo. I simply moved the moon over and rubberstamped the perimeter of the moon to blend it in. 10 bucks says that if you scroll up to see the finished photo again, you see it entirley differnt now that you know the moon was faked.

My point is that sometimes you need to “tweak” the photos that you have in order to create the photo you want.


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