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November 23, 2008

Where Stars Go Blue

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Where Stars Go Blue

Okay the song that goes with this picture is WAY too easy. Ryan Adams – Where Stars Go Blue I think Ryan Adams is one of the most underrated songwriter/artist in the past 10 years. His music is absolutely incredible. He’s eccentric to say the least and is now sober. Tim McGraw purchased this song (originally done by Ryan) a couple years ago, Ryan Adams was quoted saying, “I was paid enough for that song to have my swimming pool filled with Unicorn bones.” I have no idea what that means but he’s talented. I wouldn’t want to hang out with the dude but I could listen to his music all day.

Last reminder to send me your picture for the Thursday Photo Challenge ASAP! The theme is whatever you want! Just send me a photo that you love at cabenelson (at) gmail (dot) com

November 22, 2008

The World Through a Camera

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Peeps in SF

I was inspired by Dr Cason’s most recent post in capturing REAL situations outside of her window. The first picture she posted is beautiful. It inspired me to find a photo of mine that capured something real. As I’ve mentioned before Kim and I… and Wyatt (man, I got to get used to saying that) live in the San Francisco Bay Area and visit “The City” (what people call San Fran around here) semi often. It is a gorgeous city right on the bay, surrounded by amazing architecture, and FULL of people. Which is part of the reason I dread going up there on the weekends. The driving and the amount of people in the city is bad enough to give me a seizure I swear, but I DO love to people watch. I posted the larger image because what makes this photo isn’t the overall scope of the picture but the details in each area. From the people upfront and out of focus, to the crowd in the middle, the stop lights, palm trees, and the bird in mid flight on the very right side of the picture. This is one of the pictures that has about 4-5 individual pictures in the image. My perspective on life has changed since we’ve had this beautiful baby boy. As I’m looking at all the different people in editing this photo, I have the overwelming feeling of how huge this life actually is. We always say that the world is small but when I study the faces of all these people in just this small snap shot, I realize that each person has their own lives with their own families and their own thoughts. Each person acts independently and every single one of them has a different view point on life. I don’t mean to get too deep here, I guess I’m just trying to describe my preference for this picture.
Also there is nothing like listening to great deep music when you people watch, especially when you people watch through the view finder of your camera! This song is perfect for people watching and contemplating life and your place in it. It’s Ray LaMontagne – Empty (click on the link and hit the play button halfway down the page. I hope you all enjoy-

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November 21, 2008


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Uncle John

I was looking back at all the photos that I’ve posted and realized most of them are kind of boring! Meaning there isn’t a lot of action in them. So I decided to branch outside of my “pretty flowers” rut I was stuck in. In case you were thinking I could only suck at one type of photography… Hey, but do you know what’s interesting though? That’s ME water skiing.. AND I took the picture. WRAP YOUR BRAIN AROUND THAT! How you ask? Well I started by setting up a steel mounted tripod onto the back of the ski boat and added a wired triggering responder to my camera that was wrapped around the ski rope. Each time I took a turn I pressed the button and it remotely took the picture… AND I was driving the boat at the same time… and I can fly. Okay I’m lying. That’s my wife’s uncle. This was during our yearly vacation to Lake Powell. I love Lake Powell, it is such a beautiful place. This might sound weird but you’re so isolated there it’s depressing. If you have the option of visiting I highly recommend it. It’s wonderful. Nothing like playing around on the lake and listeing to music… and taking pictures of course. Speaking of music, I was editing this picture and listening to a sweet song I think you all would like. (seriously, have I led you a stray yet? I submit to you that I have NOT!) The song is West Indian Girl – To Die In L.A. It’s a wonderful song. Give it a listen. Go ahead!

Ladies and Gentlemen you voted and here they are. I thought it was going to be a 3 way tie!

Bear Dog W/ His Favorite Toy
The Bear with his favorite toy…

The Octopus and Drums- I’ve had some people ask me where this was at. It was taken in the First Ferry Building in Downtown San Francisco. It’s a major building that houses farmer markets each weekend. It’s right on the Embarcadero.

November 20, 2008


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Confused by the Photo Challenge Thursday genre this week? Well let me elaborate. THIS WEEK IS YOUR CHOICE! Your challenge is to take whatever photo you want. It can be in color, black and white, sepia and be taken of anything you possibly could want. JUST GO OUT AND TAKE PICTURES!

This is mine… I just love this little guy.


Keep in mind that you need to send me your “whatever you want” pictures by Sunday the 23rd. Send them to me at cabenelson (at) gmail (dot) com. Since my time (and sleep) has been a little restricted (see photo) please send me your picture add any type of description you would in describing your photo. Also what you like about it or what mood you were striving to achieve etc.

I’ll be taking your weekly photo challenge pictures and be placing them into a photo of the month! The winner will receive a $25 card to for your next photo purchase! All you need to do is participate in the Photo Challenge Thursday!

I really need a fixed lens or a good portrait lens. Anybody have any ideas?

November 19, 2008

New Perspective

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Today’s post will be short and sweet as Kim and I are like walking zombies over here! I snapped this pic about 5 days ago while Kim and I were on one of our many walks around the neighborhood to try and kick start the labor. This is part of the reason why I love California… IT’S NOVEMBER for crying out loud. Yes, it does get cold here at nights (sometimes) but for the most part the weather is beautiful. I don’t have a macro lens but I did use my 50-200mm Nikor lens and just zoomed the crap out of it. That’s it!

I didn’t feel right to post tonight and not mention the largest life changing event I have ever gone through. I’ll I can say is that I was (and still am) completely blown away. It was a perspective altering experience that I don’t believe I could ever put into words. It has changed how I view life in general and given me a different perspective on my beliefs. I am incredibly grateful for a healthy wife and a strong baby boy. It was quite the experience that didn’t exactly turn out how we had initially planned with the induction. I’m sure my wife will provide a well written and humorous first hand account shortly. I also wanted to mention how proud I am of my wife. I haven’t experienced watching someone you love and care about be in a high level of pain and not being able to do anything about it. (I have a much greater appreciation for Dr. Cason and what she does on a daily basis) In the end my wife did such an amazing job.

One quick funny story. About 2 weeks before our due date one of my major priorities in preparing for the hospital was to have our Nikon D80 fully charged and ready to roll. It was one of the first things I put into the car when we had to rush to the hospital that night (besides my wife of coarse) and it was one of the first bags I grabbed when we pulled in. By the time Kim was ready to push (she only pushed 7 times by the way) I had it in my hand ready to snap pics of our new child. The minute they placed him on Kim’s chest, I took the moment in and then grabbed the camera. I framed our baby boy Wyatt and with anticipation I pressed the button. The picture didn’t take! “Did I not charge the battery?!” I thought. Nope fully charged! It was a massive level of panic that lasted until I looked on my display. In big flashing letters it said, “NO MEMORY CARD FOUND!” I totally spaced it! In all of my preparation I forgot the card in my laptop from the night before. Kim and I joked that it was true “Caleb Fashion”.

I’m wanting to purchase a new lens for portraits and upclose shots. I’m wanting a fixed lens or something. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good fixed lens or portrait oriented lens?

Thank you all for your well wishes and congrats! Trust me you’ll see plenty more pics of Wyatt, he is pretty cute.

November 18, 2008

My Favorite Picture Ever Taken…

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November 17, 2008

The Waiting…

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For the last 41 weeks we’ve been anticipating the arrival of our first baby. We’ve spent the entire time getting everything ready to have this little guy enter our lives. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is how close Kim and I have come over the last year. I have always loved my wife and I’ve seen such a strength within her over the past 9 months. As of today, Kim is 8 days overdue and we are going to the hospital tomorrow to have her induced. I am so incredibly excited to hold my little boy. You better believe I’ll be posting pictures soon as I’m sure the pictures of him will succeed any of my favorite photographs! I am most impressed with my wife and her strength. And to show my appreciation I’m going to post some goofy pictures of her (with somewhat of her permission) You know I love you honey…

Kim port

Kimba Cheese

Kimba Grr

Kimba duh
She made this face on purpose, I was laughing so hard I kept making the picture blurry. I finally had to use the flash to get the image.

Kimba Eye
Kimba’s “crazy eye” She has one eye that is kind of weak. This is what happens when I tell her to go cross-eyed. The weak eye tries to go cross-eyed then just falls back into place. It makes me crack up every time she does it.

Kimba Standing

We’ve been waiting for this little guy for what seems like forever, I’m grateful it’s finally here. I love you Kimba and I’m excited to bring this little guy home.

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